Friday, April 29, 2005

Night views

There is a mountain between my prefecture and the next. The view, especially the night view from the summit is said to be beautiful, so there is popular among the local people. I want to go there because I have not looked at it yet. However, I get a beautiful view from trains which I ride in everyday. When I am tired and I go home late, the night view makes me comfortable and gives me pleasure. My house is in foothills and they also offer a nice view. One of my dreams is to take pictures of the views. If I have a time, I will go to the summit or a park near the mountain to achieve it.

A newspaper insert

I had a time to read a newspaper and inserts today because Golden Week holidays started and I have no school. When I looked over the inserts, one of them attracted me. It was for an ice cream shop which I had liked in my childhood. I had been sad that there had not been the shop since I moved to the city which I have lived in now. However, the shop was recently opened near my house and ice creams of the insert looked delicious very much, so I wondered whether to go to buy them. It was a fine day and I wanted to go out, but I also did not feel like going out. Finally, it became late to go out and I could not help staying at home.

Friday, April 22, 2005

On the way home

Today, I was walking for a station and heard sounds of instruments. Looking at that direction, there were people who seemed to be Mexican. They were playing so merrily some instruments that my heart also bounded with pleasure. Most people had to think so too because they stopped walking and listened closely. I wanted to listen to it more if possible, but I had to go home as fast as I could. I hope people will play and sing when I have a time.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A TV commercial for CUP NOODLE

When I watched TV, it was CUP NOODLE that there was a new TV commercial for. A boy had a gun looking at the sea. In his back, there was a military base. At last, a telop that “There were 300 thousand child soldiers in the world. What can we do?” is run. The company’s website says, “A campaign, NO BORDER has expressed wishes for peace. We decided to take up problems which now exist in the world since this year.” I think that is a very nice idea! The biggest reason is that many Japanese young people include me do not know what have happened in the world. As for me, it was two years ago that I knew about child soldiers. It was a terrible shock to me and I was ashamed that I had not known child soldiers at all. Therefore, I like such things which give me good chances to think again or know. Then, the song of Mr. Children, “and I love you” matches with this TV commercial very well, so I was moved by it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

My first post

Hi!! Welcome to my blog and thank you for coming here.

I will introduce myself to you.
I am Yuka Mori, a student who is majoring in English in Japan.
My favorite color is pink, so this blog is based on the color. However, I like light blue as well and I may change it.
My hobbies are taking pictures, making accessories, drawing pictures and so on. For example, I often take pictures of cherry blossoms now and usually the sky because I like them. I want to go out to see the cherry blossoms this weekend, but sadly I will not have enough time… Recently, I am interested in sword dance and making dolls with Japanese papers. I will learn how to do them in the future.
Then, I want to travel the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain and so on. I must get a passport though. If possible, I will go there with my best friend after three years.
I want to do many things and I cannot write down everything, so I will write about them next time. To tell the truth, I wanted to create a blog; I am happy!!

I am sorry that I am not good at introducing myself and organizing information.
Thank you for reading!! See you later.