Friday, May 27, 2005

Continuance of a TV commercial for CUP NOODLE

I did not think that I would talk about this TV commercial again. (If you have not looked at my previous post about it, please look at April of Archives.) I knew it was stopped because audiences were against it through a newspaper. Their complaints were that it glorified wars by making a boy hold a gun before a beautiful sea and it had a bad influence on children. I really hate these ideas!! Some Japanese have the same idea for human rights issue. The idea is that “DO NOT wake sleeping children up.” It means that we must not rashly give people who do not have knowledge of something information because if we do it, they can know it, but may mistake it by getting information. I think children must know the facts of this world and must not refuse them. Ignorance is the heaviest guilt.

Friday, May 20, 2005


I like to paint my fingernails and sometimes put nail seals on them. I want to try doing nail art and wearing nail tips because there is coming of age day next year and I want to dress up on the day. Therefore, I must start practicing them and thinking the design soon. I wonder whether I use airbrush or acrylic color for the design, but I do not know how to use acrylic color because I have never done it. Anyway I have to buy the color. Oh-oh! The nail seal is coming off one of my nails 8-O It was the day before yesterday that I put it :’-( I will be careful about such things next time.


I said that one of my hobbies was drawing or painting pictures in my first post. I want to make a new picture recently because I have not done it for about a year. I will be happy if I can do it by using colored pencils and so on as usual. However, I am especially interested in airbrush now, so I want to try it. The biggest reason is that pictures by it which I looked at were pretty beautiful. If I can do it, I will be happier. I must buy acrylic color to use airbrush though. If I make pictures in the way and they can be shown, I will put them here.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

something new and interesting

I found something new and interesting Monday and Tuesday. I am slow to do everything and my way must be always inefficient, so it was taking a time to do homework till dawn or more then. When I was doing it, birds started twittering at about four forty. I thought they did not decide the time, but it was at the same time both of the days. They were punctual and got up too early. I wonder why they do it at about four forty (Are there some reasons?) and whether birds which live in other places do it at the same time. I hope you would let me know if you have some information about this.

My focus on Urashima Taro

I focused on relations of dragons or snakes and water (why dragons or snakes are the water deity), and their importance in Japan. They seem not to relate to water, so I do not understand why dragons or snakes regard as the Deity of water and I am interested in it.
dragon and culture -useful
Japanese, water deity and snakes
water deity and Buddhism
a little relation of dragon and Buddhism 
snakes and water

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Tulips and a bus stop

This picture is seasonable and shows a tulip. I first looked at such a kind of tulips. Is it unusual? I think so and I like it! This tulip was smaller than others (baby?), so it was prettier. There were the tulips and other flowers at a bus stop. Bus drivers seemed to plant and water them. I do not know why the drivers did it, but the other bus stop has violets in some planters, and the others do not have plants. I can find amusingly the characters of the drivers there.

P.S. The picture is also unusual because I seldom take pictures of flowers except the cherry blossoms and my usual are the sky and the moon.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Smell and memories

Do you know the sense of smell relates to memories deeper than the other senses? When we remember something, only the sense of smell is said to go directly to the place in which there are memories. Therefore, smells seem to evoke suddenly memories of the past. I was surprised that I knew it recently. The biggest reason was that I had the experience last winter. My favorite perfume took me back to the happy days when I had been in high school (because I had worn it almost everyday then). At the moment I wore the perfume, the wave of all memories swallowed up me. I had forgotten a little of them and they made me wistful. Yesterday, the wind smelled like summer, so it reminded me of the days near the school festival when I had been in the third grade of high school and I felt nostalgic. I want to remember the present happy days too. I hope all my perfumes remind me of happy memories in the future. (I think the reason I am influenced by smells and perfumes is that a Chinese character of my name means fragrance.)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A picture of the cherry blossoms

I am sorry that I put an untimely picture, but I wanted to do it. This picture shows drooping cherries and is the best of cherry blossoms which I took this year. I could not photograph prettily the most famous kind of cherry trees, Someiyoshino and double-flowered cherry trees. The pictures of drooping cherries were shown at the festival for freshmen that were held on 24 April. I was glad that some people wrote comments about my pictures on questionnaires.