Friday, June 24, 2005


I have not remembered stories and movies and so on which I read or watched in my childhood. Most of my friends have remembered them well. I often cannot join the friends’ conversations about TV programs which they had liked though I also had watched them. I wonder what differences between I and the friends are. Am I only forgetful? Do not I have strong interests in such things? Or is the reason I usually hit my head when I was a child? I want to know why I have forgot the stories etc anyway.

Expo 2005 in Aichi

Some of my friends went to Expo and seemed to enjoy it. I also want to go to Expo and Nagoya during summer vacation. However, I do not want to go. Expo has two areas; Nagakute and Seto. There is Aichi Youth Park where had many amusements with a rich natural environment near Nagakute area. I had lived in Nagoya in my childhood, so I used to go to the park with my family and I had loved there. Now I live far from there. A part of the park was broken to make Nagakute area. I was very shocked at it and sorrowful. I know it cannot be helped, but I cannot tolerate it. The theme of Expo is “To create a better world where humankind and nature can co-exist in harmony.” I doubt whether it is truth. I feel that my precious and pleasant memories were broken with Aichi Youth Park. Therefore, I do not want to go to Expo; I want to do it.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Japan which is not a homogeneous nation

There seems to be only one race in Japan. I had thought so, but actually it is false. Japanese do not exist in biology. According to the research of biologists, types of DNA of present Japanese (in the Mainland) are Chinese 25.8%, Korean 24.2%, others 21%, people in Okinawa 16.1%, Ainu 8.1%, and native Japanese 4.8%. Native Japanese means Jomon people. There are Jomon and races who came over from outside in Japan. Japanese are their mixed-races and it has continued now. I was very surprised to know this, but I have been interested in it. This is one of my favorite two lectures which I knew last year. I will tell you the other later.


I have been studying French and I had the class today. I watched “WASABI” a little in the class. It was interesting, so I regretted that I had never watched it. A Japanese actress who appeared in it, Ryoko Hirosue seemed to be a good French speaker for me. However, I wondered why most Japanese in the movie could speak French fluently. I think it is impossible… I will video the movie tomorrow. I want to review what I have studied in French class and learn French more than now during summer vacation.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

About Hans Christian Andersen and his work Before achieving success as a playwright and novelist, Andersen was trained as singer and actor. Many of Andersen's fairy tales depict characters who gain happiness in life after suffering and conflicts. 'The Ugly Duckling' and 'The Little Mermaid' are Andersen's most intimate works.

"Hun duede ikke",,,,His mother Anne Marie was drew in this story. His mother explained to Andersen about the world of folktale."the true story of my life" (1846) Andersen (1805-1875) is mainly known for the fairy tales he produced combining folk legends and his own imagination. Anderson's fairy tales were not meant merely for children but for adults as well. He has also written plays, novels and travelogues.Hans Christian Andersen was born in the slums of Odense, Denmark. His father was a shoemaker and his mother worked as a washerwoman. Andersen received little early education. He was tall but he was effeminate, so he was highly emotional and suffering.In 1816, his father dead and Andersen had to work. He was apprenticed to a weaver and tailor for a short time, and he also worked at tabacco factory. He had a beautiful soprano voice, so when he was 14 years old, he started a career as a singer. Andersen succeeded in becoming associated with the Royal Theater, but he had to leave it when his voice began to change.He wrote some novels, too. However, his feme rests on his Fairy Tales and Stories. In his fairy tale collections Andersen broke new ground in both style and content, and employed the idioms and constructions of spoken language in a way that was new in Danish writing. His identification with the unfortunate and outcast made his tales very atracting. rist of link about Andersen and his work about Hans Andersen and his life as a writer in details

Hans Andersen had loved literature since he was a child. He read plays like Shakespeare.After his father died, he had to work. He experienced a lot of jobs.Fortunately, King Frederick VI was interested in Andersen and gave him education for free.However, he was a unwilling student. Before he got education at grammer school, he wote his first book ' The Ghost at Palnatoke's Grave.'Andersen wrote poetry, travel sketches, novels, fairy tales, plays.He hate to be stereotyped by others.The character of Andersen's stories is dark, even cruel.

Friday, June 10, 2005


I watched a TV program, Music Station today. I became to like a duo, DEPAPEPE because the music which is instrumentals of guitars is very beautiful. DEPAPEPE has attracted me since I watched the TV commercial before. I want to buy the album and download the music for the call signal with melodies of my cellphone :) Recently, there are many songs which I want to listen to, so I do not have enough time. If you have read my last post or the one before the last, you know the other reason which I have lacked time.

What I have been stolen

I am sorry that last post confused some people and made them worry.
I have been stolen time. I am tired recently, so I sleep unconsciously when I ride in trains and buses, and am doing my homework. I wake to find that I reach the stations and the stops which I must get off, and one hour passes. I am always surprised at it. It seems someone has stolen my time! I have lost it more than before because the frequency of the sleep has increased. I want to regain my time, but it is impossible…

Friday, June 03, 2005

I have been stolen my important thing

Recently, I have been stolen my important thing again and again by someone. I always find it has disappeared from me. It became worse than before. I guess as soon as someone stoles my precious thing, I do not notice because I am tired. I cannot forgive the thief. What the thief has stolen is indispensable to me, so I want to regain it. However, I know it is impossible for me to do it because it is time that the thief has stolen from me.


I like orange color now. I do not know the reason, but I tend to choose it. I also had liked it this season of last year. I seem to choose it when I am tired, so I guessed orange was the healing color for me. I searched effects of orange because I wanted to know about it. As a result, I found I was right. When people choose orange, they want to be lively and heal their mind. Therefore, my nails are orange now. Some people told me that they are pretty, thanks. I was a little surprised at it because it was my first time that people noticed my nails so early. They also must be tired :’-(