Friday, July 29, 2005


I finished a fainal exam today! In other words, summer vacation starts. During the vacation, I want to post as much as possible :) I am sorry that this is short.

P.S. Recently, I made a French blog, but it takes a long time to post :’-(

Thursday, July 21, 2005


I want to read “The Chronicles of Narnia.” When I was a child, I read “The Magician's Nephew.” However, I cannot remember it because I have usually forgot stories except most impressive scenes. (If you read my previous post, Memories, you know that I have a poor memory for stories and so on.) Therefore, I want to read it again and try the others, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” “The Horse and His Boy,” “Prince Caspian,” “The Voyage of the Dawn Treasure,” “The Silver Chair,” and “The Last Battle.” The other reason is that original books are beautiful. If I have a chance to go to a big bookshop, I may buy them.

Friday, July 15, 2005


Summer vacation has come near. I want to try many (…maybe many) things. For example, I want

1. to learn French more seriously because I have not yet understood the basis clearly. I may make another blog somewhere.

2. to drive car because I have not done it for a year. However, if I do it alone, it is dangerous. Therefore, I have to ride with someone who is not a driver in name only.

3. to go out with my friends because I have not met them since March.

How much hope can I realize? I do not know it, but I am looking forward to summer vacation :) What I must do before the vacation is only to do my best for tests...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Choices of the career

There are many choices in life. Are you satisfied with the result of the choices? Or do you regret it? I have never regretted the result of the choices of my career. The reason is that new choices have appeared suddenly just before I finally have decided my way and they have taken the places of old ones. I had not been going to enter high school which I graduated from and the university which I have gone now. (It was the day before the application deadline date that I decided to take the examination for my university.)

I want to learn graphic design and architecture. Strictly speaking, I am interested in the jobs, but my major is English. If I want to get the jobs, I must go to a technical college. I do not want to do it, but the jobs are interesting. I wonder if there are other ways to get the jobs without going to a technical college. I have been satisfied with the choice that I decided to learn English in the university because English relates to a kind of attractive jobs.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The white band

Do you know the white band with the message? There is large-scale and international campaigns to “fight against global poverty” now. The white band will be sold from tomorrow as a part of the campaigns in the world. A part of the sales will be used for activities to eradicate global poverty. In Japan, we will be able to buy it for 300 yen at main bookshops and so on. I am not sure, but the bands have the different messages by countries. A number of worldwide famous people have joined the campaigns. If you want to know the details about it, please visit the websites of links in the right. Japanese website says “Now in the world, a child is dying because of poverty per 3 seconds. 30,000 children per day. 1,200,000,000 people live by not more than a dollar a day. More than 1,000,000,000 people cannot drink clear water. 860,000,000 adults cannot know how to write or read. 20,000,000 people died of AIDS until now.” (This is my translation. If you do not understand it, I am sorry.) I will buy the white bands tomorrow.

P.S. I know this blog and the links must be only English. However, if Japanese who visit here and want to know the details about the white band go to English links which I put, they will take a time to get information. I put Japanese website so that they can get info soon. If it cannot be allowed, I am sorry and I hope you would let me know.

The environment of the neighborhood

This morning, as soon as my father went for job, he called my house. He said, “A turtle walks the road nearby the house. Be careful about it when you go to school.” I was looking forward to seeing it, but there were no turtles when I passed there.

My father’s call reminded me of my childhood. When I had been in the elementary school, I had walked in front of a reservoir near my house with my family. My brother and I had found a turtle. My father had told us that it had been a soft-shelled turtle. I was sure that he had told it had been a soft-shelled turtle. However, when I told my mother this memory after his call, she replied that it had been impossible and it must have been a turtle. I have believed it had been a soft-shelled turtle.

You may think that I live in the place which has a rich natural environment, but it is not true. There is a residential area in foothills where a spotbill duck family or a weasel are only sometimes in the channels.