Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The token of the covenant

Saturday, it was a heavy thunderstorm. I like thunder and lightning, but I was a little afraid of thunderbolts because they struck somewhere near my house. It stopped raining and thundering after an hour. When I looked out of the window, the rainbow had hung in the sky! I hastily tried to turn on my camera, but it was powered off. I have two batteries, but both of them need to be charged. I took pictures of the rainbow changing a battery to the other which was on charge. It was my first time to take the pictures. All of them were not good and I found it was difficult to photo the rainbow well. It had been in the sky for only 15 minutes, but I was happy to see it for the first time in 5 months.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

July 31 - encounter -

Have you ever felt that encounters were destinies? I have. For example, when I read a magazine, the article says about a singer who I do not know. After about a month, when I watch a TV program, the singer appears. I think I meet the singer and I remember the article of the magazine. Such encounters are not only with people, but also books and movies and so on. I also experienced an encounter recently. I saw a sign of a design school at the station on 29 July. (If you read my last post, you know) I went out with my family by car on 31. I found the school when the car drove a highway. The school was distinctive, but I was surprised to see it because I did not know where it is. I feel I have been alluded the encounters as preliminaries. There is a Japanese proverb, Sode huriaumo tasyo no en. The meaning is that even touching of strangers’ sleeves and yours has been fated since a previous incarnation. My dictionary says that it means there are no accidental meetings. The encounters make me realize the meaning. I believe I meet people and things because they and I are united by some ties. You may visit here not by chance but… :) To think about the encounters, the proverb and the ties is interesting, so I like them.

P.S. Today, when I was eating lunch around 12, I changed a channel to the other of music only, SPACE SHOWER TV. There were 3 reasons; one was that the program before changing was boring. One was that one of my favorite songs had been played a little on SPACE SHOWER TV at yesterday’s lunch (around 3). The other was that I wanted to listen to it again. I did not check TV guide today as well as yesterday though. The moment I changed the channel, a promotion video which I have known was being played. It did not take a minute to notice that the video was for the song. I became happy because I felt some tie which united the singer and me.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

July 31 - plane -

How are you? It is VERY hot recently. Don’t you get sunstroke? It is necessary to drink a lot of liquids.
Sunday, I went out with my family by car. When the car drove a highway, I found a plane flying at a low altitude. The plane looked big and I was excited at it. My father and brother told me that I should work at an airport if I like planes so much. Yes, I like planes, so I think to work there is good. However, my height is about 5 feet and that of a flight attendant must be 5 feet 3 inches at least. I am not sure that a grand attendant is decided in the same way, but if so, I cannot work near planes… There is another reason that I cannot do it though.