Friday, September 30, 2005

first sky

This is one of my sky pictures! The picture of 23 August, the token of the covenant is the rainbow, so the sky is first put here. Other pictures which I have shown you have been flowers and fireworks. However, most of my pictures are actually the sky. The reason why I did not put them until today is that I was not in the mood to do it.Recently, it has become early to get dark. When I was walking to go home around six, the sky was madder and very beautiful. I could not capture the beauty in this picture though :’-(


I want to learn how to play the piano or the guitar because I admire people who can play them and I can play few instruments. I usually seem to be a good piano player, but I have never learned the piano. Most of my friends can play it and I envy them. (However, if I had learned it in my childhood, I would dislike it because I have hated to take lessons in something.) I do not have both the piano and the guitar, so I want to buy them someday and play...

Friday, September 23, 2005

By accident

Recently, there are many holidays and I am happy :) However, I cannot get used to school and I do not have stories for blog.
Last Saturday, I went to a station. I found a person who seemed to be one of my friends. I wanted to see her and I was surprised. Sadly, it was my mistake, but I ran across her near the station on Monday. I was surprised to met her really again because I seldom saw people who I wanted to meet. I had other happy things that day and I was very glad at them. I felt that something good would happen before going out though. I found that wishes or hunches came true. However, I think if hunches are always realized, it is not interesting.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Memory of summer

Now, we are in the middle of September. Summer vacation finished. Did you enjoy it?
I am sorry that I put unseasonable pictures. There was a local festival on 6 last month. Fireworks always have shot off at the end of the festival, so I have seen them from my house almost every year. (My house is in foothills and it was easy to see fireworks.) This year, I tried taking pictures of them because those of sparkling fireworks were failures last year. The speed of my digital camera is fast and it was difficult for me to get a perfect moment for a good shot. I took about 30 pictures. Good ones are under 10 :’-( However, I was glad that my dream came true! The results are three pictures below.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

9.10 ***

Today, 9.10 is WHITE BAND DAY! It comes to my country, Japan the earliest in the world. There is Tokyo Tower in the capital of Japan. It is always illuminated at night and the usual color is orange. However, it was changed to white with the message of Japanese White Band, *** at 7 pm yesterday and it will be today. You can see the picture if you go to one of the links, Hottokenai Sekai no Mazushisa - Japan on your right.
Three points of today is to change the world, Japan and ourselves. The first point is to attract notice of the world in order to make UN summit White Band one. On September 14- 16, UN Summit will be hold on New York to check whether the international goals are being achieved. The main one of the goals is to reduce global poverty by half by 2015. White band is the voice of people who want to make poverty history, so the summit can be called White Band summit. The second is to attract Japanese notice in order to make a commitment for poverty eradication one of Japanese policies. The third is to prompt people who are interested in or wear white band to meet something new.
Tomorrow has come near and I was late to post...