Friday, November 25, 2005


Do you have a dream? This year will finish soon and I have to think about my future. I have my dream to get a certain job. However, if I get the job, my preparation for it will starts next year and my job hunting will the year after next at the earliest. People usually start their job hunting around September in the third year. Therefore, the lateness makes me worry and I wonder whether I can realize my dream. I know that if I really want to get the job, I cannot help making an effort to achieve it without worry or hesitation though.

A fortunetelling says that “if you ask the new moon what your calling is, you will receive the answer before the full moon.” My dream may change, but I want to decide my future after the full moon because I believe the fortunetelling.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The same bracelets

I had written that a creative urge had not sprung up in me since last year on 28 October, but I suddenly wanted to make a piece of jewelry before a week. Therefore, I made a bracelet and felt like showing it to my best friend. I took the picture and sent her e-mail with it. She told me that it was great and she wanted me to make the same one for her. I was surprised at her words, but I was willing to make it. Next day, I sent her the bracelet with a letter. When it arrived, she said that she had liked it and I was glad to hear she said so. The bracelets are the second same things that we have. The first ones are necklaces which we bought together. I tend to think that the same things that people have are what they buy at shops. Accordingly, I a little wonder that our second same things are my own works. However, I like the bracelet and I wear it almost everyday now.

P.S. These colors are based on the bracelet.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Through the school festival

Many things happened during the school festival. Members of my circle and I had unexpected visitors on the first day and the second. For example, a woman came to us with her sister and daughter. She was very talkative and funny. Also, her daughter was the apple of her eye and I enjoyed listening to her. She was a typical Osakan, but she came from the prefecture which I live in. (It is not Osaka.) The place which she lives in was famous for the cherry trees. I had had an image of the locals as elegant and quiet people like the trees. Therefore, I was surprised at her! Moreover, the place where she lives is too far from my university. It must take 3 hours at least to come the university!! The time which I can stand to go there is 2 hours, so if I were her, I would not come.

Then, for the last two days, members of my circle and I had less visitors than that of the first two days, so I was a little sad. However, we received many comments through the festival. Most of them were that our exhibition was good and many regarded my pictures as nice works. I was happy to know them with surprise. The happiest thing was what a visitor said to me. She asked, “Have you ever participated in photo contests?” I answered, “No.” She said, “You should do that.” I was very glad at it because I had never thought about photo contests. Thank you, all visitors!

P.S. These are three of my pictures which I showed in my circle’s exhibition. Postcards of the upper two were bought by two teachers who are not Japanese. They came to the exhibition on different days and bought the same two. It was interesting for me. One of them was a teacher of mine. He said that those pictures reminded him of his hometown. The bottom one was said that it was like a scene in a foreign country by some visitors. I was surprised at it because I took the picture at my university.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Recently, I talked about name during a group discussion in class, so I decided to tell you about my name. My first name is Yuka and it consists of two Chinese characters. The character of yu means friend. That of ka shows perfume. There are five reasons that my parents chose those characters for my name. They hoped that I would have many friends and many people would love me. Then, both Chinese characters of my name are easy to write. My parents thought that it was better for me because I could quickly write my names for exams. They also thought their names’ characters were easy, so those of children’s names should not be difficult to balance with my parents’. The final reason is that a fortuneteller said that if my parents chose the character of ka for my name, I would be less indecisive. However, I am fairly indecisive... I like my name because it is my parents' wishes. How about you?