Friday, November 18, 2005

The same bracelets

I had written that a creative urge had not sprung up in me since last year on 28 October, but I suddenly wanted to make a piece of jewelry before a week. Therefore, I made a bracelet and felt like showing it to my best friend. I took the picture and sent her e-mail with it. She told me that it was great and she wanted me to make the same one for her. I was surprised at her words, but I was willing to make it. Next day, I sent her the bracelet with a letter. When it arrived, she said that she had liked it and I was glad to hear she said so. The bracelets are the second same things that we have. The first ones are necklaces which we bought together. I tend to think that the same things that people have are what they buy at shops. Accordingly, I a little wonder that our second same things are my own works. However, I like the bracelet and I wear it almost everyday now.

P.S. These colors are based on the bracelet.


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