Friday, December 09, 2005

At a platform

I was waiting for a train at a platform yesterday. A senior man and his wife came and asked a station attendant which train took them to their destination. The attendant dryly answered the question because he was busy or something. The senior couple talked that next was the train which they had to ride on. However, the train for Nagoya did not stop at their destination and they had to take a train after it. When it came to the platform, they tried to ride on. The attendant noticed it and asked, “Do you go to Nagoya?” The couple said, “Yes.” Therefore, the attendant did not stop them and they took the train. I think that they forgot where they were going or did not understand what the attendant asked because they were senior. I know that attendants are busy, but if passengers are in trouble, they have to help them and it is their job! The attendant should have persistently asked the senior couple’s destination. I worry about them....


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