Friday, December 16, 2005

One of unwanted calls

Recently, I have so many unwanted calls!! On Wednesday, someone called me about 15 times for six hours. I do not know who the person is and I kept ignoring the calls. I searched the phone number using the database of unwanted calls, but there was no information. The calls made me uncomfortable, so I block them. Then, I searched the number on the internet again. I found that a broiled meat store in Tokyo called me. However, there are some ways to pretend to be other people and use their phone numbers. Therefore, I switched on the answering machine. Yesterday, there was a message on it and I checked it. The broiled meat store in Tokyo actually called me. According to the message, the store apologized to a customer because it accepted the customer’s reservation by mistake. I was surprised at it and thought it was better to make sure of reservations.


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